Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What Types Of Computer Viruses - Tips On Keeping Your Computer Virus Free

All computer viruses are not classified as being the same and for good reason. There are several types of computer viruses that can destroy your hard drive or cause your computer to ultimately crash. There is also the threat to consider of your keystrokes being recorded or your personal and private information becoming the property of someone else. Many researchers agree and work constantly on ways to detect the infected application however it seems as though those who are creating these corrupt applications are constantly at work trying to make them better in ability to be downloaded without being detected.

No one type of computer virus is consistent with another. There are always some kind of tags associated with it, depending on the creator or the person who designed the corrupted application in the first place. This being said, the malicious programs that disable your computer rendering it really slow or not working at all, can be avoided if the user is cautious about what it is you download from the Internet. Without a really good security program already installed on your computer the risk is going to be magnified if you choose to not make sure whatever you download is not infected with any type of viruses. Mainly that you are trying to fix the problem and not make it worse.

Whenever software is put on your computer without your consent or permission which causes problems or replicates itself you can know for a fact it is a computer virus. Resident Viruses are often permanent and stay within the RAM memory; from this point it can then interrupt or control all of the operations your computer performs.

Other corruption can occur within auto execution files, batch files, and your root directory although there's a good chance you won't even realize it until its too late. This is why it is so important to watch everything you decide to download from the Internet.

One of the most recent bad ideas are known as "logic Bombs". These are not considered as computer viruses however if you do a search they are so new they are shown as part of the results and on some web sites. Logic bombs are segments of programs that blend with other programs which their main goal is to destroy data on your computer and the results can definitely be destructive. Once these logic bombs have been launched the user can see problems almost instantly. And the launching is usually caused when the application is opened or installed.

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