Wednesday, December 26, 2007

BlockDelete for MSN - More Bad News

This is another spammers paradise to say the least. The link that is being sent is dont-miss-this that will redirect people to BlockDelete. When you get to the site all you have in front of you is a window which states:

'Quickly and easily learn who blocked you on MSN.

The longly awaited feature for MSN Messenger, completely for free!

Please input your account information to learn who has blocked you. Our system will login with this information and learn who has blocked you.'

You are presented with a login box and password box. When you sign in using your passport credentials, they are stored on a server and they collect ALL of your contacts details and start spamming them with messages apparently sent by YOU - a trusted contact requesting that they also visit the site and register!

There is NO Privacy Policy, No way to contact them. You also optin to receive emails from them

If you have been a victim of this scam, please change your password immediately. If this fails, uninstall MSN Messenger and re-install, sign in to and then change your password. This is very similar to Meet Your Messenger which I wrote about previously. Anti-virus programs and anti-spyware programs will NOT find this as you do not install anything. Ensure that you Windows Updates are up to date and run the Malicious Software Removal Tool. The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool checks computers running Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 for infections by specific, prevalent malicious software.

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