Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things To Consider When Downloading Free Stuff

Free stuffs (also called as freebies) are available all over the internet. They come in different kinds of forms like free software, mp3s, videos, various consumer products, magazines, money, email, web hosting, eBooks, screen savers and much more. Sometimes you have to register at their websites to get their free offers. Some websites ask you to fill a questionnaire to get the free offer. There are certain things that you should know before you download any of these free offers. This article gives some important things that you should consider when you download free stuff.

The most important thing that you must do before download anything from the internet is installing trusted anti-virus software and an internet spyware detection and removal tool. Otherwise your computer will be attacked by various viruses and spyware which will ultimately destroy your computer in various ways. I mentioned you this because about 99.99% free stuffs are carriers of various computer viruses and spyware with or without their knowledge.

Some free stuff like free software, mp3s and videos are used by websites as marketing tools for their promotions of new products or existing products. Sometimes they are given away freely as trial versions. You will have to pay to get the fully functioning version. There are cracks (These days mainly as Torrents) available for trial software to make it a fully functional software. But these cracks may also carry the unwanted viruses and spyware.

If you want to find free fully functional software, you better find open source software as they will make the least damage or zero damage to your computer. But make sure that you download them from their original developer.

Various free stuffs like consumer goods (soaps, perfume, cream, food, etc.) are not always good for your body and health. These are offered sometimes to get a feedback from you after using them. Sometimes companies test their new products on you like scientists test on rats and rabbits. You have to be very careful when using these kinds of free stuffs. You better check the vendor's profile and reputation.

Free offers like money are 99.99% scams and you will get into trouble. My advice is that never get into money free offers. No one will give you free money. The people pretend to give money actually try to get money from you.

EBooks, email and webhosting free offers are less harmful compared to others. These are used as a medium for marketing products and services. Yahoo GeoCities, Gmail, free eBooks offered by various internet businessmen are some examples for these kinds of free offers.

The reality that you must understand is, no one offer free offers if they don't get a benefit from them. Each and every free offer is designed in such a way that the offerer will benefit from it by some way. Therefore you better be careful when using or downloading free offers.

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