Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How Secure Is Your Antivirus Software?

There are tons of antivirus companies on the market. Some of the leading and major brands are Symantec, Mcafee, Kaspersky and F-secure. But you may be thinking that the most expensive brand is the best but that is not true. Even one of the best brands have a few flaws. Before you buy an antivirus package, check how good it is and compare it to other brands. You should check when the program updates, e.g: Daily, Weekly or Hourly. It is best to have a program that updates automatically and updates every hour, therefore it will protect you against the latest threats.

The 5 Basic Tips To Protect Your Computer Are:

1. Backup Your Data

If you computer is attacked by a virus, your computer crashes and BAM, everything disappears. All your precious photos, music, documents, movies and everything else. Don't take the risk, always have a backup to hand. Experts say that you should buy a flash drive, external hard drive or any other storage device and always have some software that automatically backups your important data.

2. Update And Patch

Like I said before, software companies are always finding vulnerabilities and flaws in their systems. Always check the companies website for any patches for your product.

3. Protect your Wireless Internet ( Wi-Fi )

If you have a wireless internet connection you may know that it can easily be attacked and taken over by hackers. Try not to use your laptop in public places or wireless hotspots. Hackers are always looking for hotspots where they can setup their own wireless network and disguise it so you think you are connecting through the hotspot to your internet connection, once you are connected to the hackers network they can access all your files and documents!

4. Be Wary - Know What You Are Using

Viruses, Trojan horses and Worms can even be hidden in Emails, Popups and Instant messages. Always be suspicious about emails you receive from someone you don't know. Never open them even if you are tempted, delete them straight away.

5. Don't Share Files

File sharing is an increasing problem on the internet. People are swapping music, movies, videos and other things over the internet. Not only is it illegal but it can be a breeding ground for viruses. A hacker could be slipping viruses into into the files that you could be downloading.

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