Friday, January 18, 2008

BlockDelete Scam Phishing For Your Personal Information

BlockDelete is one of the latest scams that is affecting people using MSN Messenger with the so called service that supposedly tells people who blocked them or deleted them on MSN. The true fact of the matter is Block Delete is nothing more then a phishing scam that will take over your MSN account. What happens when you sign up to BlockDelete it actually gives this person access to your Windows Live Messenger.

What happens with Block Delete is when you enter your username and password on the website you will then see on the bottom right hand corner a message saying:

"You've Just Been Logged Into Another Computer."

What you've actually done is logged into your MSN Messenger account on their computer by inputting your personal information. They have just phished your personal information from you. Now they have access to all your information, email and contacts etc... What Block Delete then does is it starts spamming people with the link to try and capture more information from other people in your contact list.

The thing that makes Block Delete scam work so good is the link that's is being sent to people thinks it's coming from a person that they know. People are usually more trusting to try something or sign up to something when it comes from a friend or associate. That is one of the biggest mistakes people can do is trust the person it came from rather then research the actual source (website) and see reviews on it first. That's why Block Delete is catching so many people in this scam as they trust the person it came from and try it out. Then the whole process starts all over again with this hacker sending out more spam to people's contacts and the scam starts again.

If you have fallen for this latest scam for MSN Messenger, what you will need to do is change your Live Messenger password immediately. If people change their password right away that should fix the problem. In case for some reason that don't work you can always uninstall and re-install MSN Messenger and that will work for sure. If people have fallen for this Block Delete Scam you should definitely let all your friends and associates now about it. Try and stop this scam from affecting others as it only takes one person to fall for it and he has a whole new list of contacts to spam yet again. Knowledge is the best way to fight these people sending spam and phishing for your personal information. People should try and learn all about PC security and learn how to improve their safety from such Internet programmers like Block Delete. Block Delete is yet another phishing website looking for your personal information. Tell your friends and family about this latest scam so we can at least stop a few from becoming victims of this fraudulent activity. Knowledge is your best defence.

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